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For over 25 years the City of Sheffield Youth Orchestra has introduced thousands of young people to orchestral playing. With all the experiences and joy this can bring, the City of Sheffield Youth Orchestra has had a profound effect on a countless number of children. However, without the unstinting support of the Friends of CSYO, who look after the funding for the Orchestra, giving the gift of these experiences would not have been possible

In recent years, the costs of much of the work done by the City of Sheffield Youth Orchestra have risen. In particular, the cost of running orchestral courses for the young musicians has increased significantly. Despite this the Friends of CSYO have worked tirelessly to keep bringing the joy of orchestral playing to the next generation to all. With your help it will keep doing so for years to come.

Why leave a legacy gift?

As a charity, the Friends of CSYO do not receive assistance from the Government or Local Authority. Therefore legacy gifts are essential for funding the work of the Friends of the CSYO in supporting orchestral music for children and young people in Sheffield area.

How much should I leave?

Large or small, all legacy gifts are immensely important to our work. If you would like to leave a gift to a specific area of the orchestra’s work (perhaps something that means the most to you or you feel would do the most good) we would be delighted to discuss this with you.

How to make a new Will

Making a will isn’t complicated and needn’t be expensive:

  • First, appoint a professional adviser - usually a solicitor or bank.

  • Next, work out how much you have to leave, including the total sum of your property, money and possessions, less any outstanding mortgages or loans.

  • Decide who you want to benefit from your will. For example, your family, friends and favourite charities or good causes.

  • Choose executors to make sure your wishes are carried out. These can be professional advisers, friends or family members – or one of each.

  • Finally, keep your will safe and make sure your executors know where to find it.

  • Give one copy to your solicitor or bank.

How to update an existing Will

It’s vital to review your will at intervals to ensure it still reflects your wishes and circumstances. For instance, if you move house or get married, or someone mentioned in your will dies, you may need to change it. Speak to your solicitor or bank about the simplest way to revise your will quickly and cost-effectively.

We recommend that you speak to your professional adviser to make sure your will is exactly as you would wish it. If you are considering leaving a gift in your will to the Friends of CSYO, you may find one of the wordings below, or parts of it, useful to take to your adviser.

Some ways to leave a gift to the Friends of CSYO in your Will

1. A straightforward gift to the Friends of CSYO for general purposes so it can put your gift to where it will do the most good:

“I bequeath to the Friends of CSYO (‘FCSYO’) of C/O FCSYO, The Cottage, Park Head, Birds Edge, Huddersfield, HD8 8XW, registered charity number 514479, the sum of £_______ “(for a pecuniary bequest), or: “the residue of my estate (for a residuary bequest) to be used by the FCSYO at its discretion”.

2. To make an area-specific gift to an area of our work which means something particularly special to you, just add:

“to be used by the FCSYO at its discretion for or towards the _____________________ “(area of work).


Thank you for considering supporting the Friends of CSYO in this special way. If after reading this information, you have any further questions about legacy gifts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours with thanks.



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