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The Patrons of the City of Sheffield Youth Orchestra are generous individuals who pledge a regular amount of money towards supporting the orchestra and securing its longer-term future. Not everyone finds it easy to meet the costs of playing in the orchestra. Regular donations, however large or small, help by enabling the Friends to keep the costs of courses and tours to the very minimum, and by giving additional support to siblings, to those in higher education and to those with short or long term financial difficulty. On occasion, the orchestra has been fortunate enough to be remembered in someone's will.
A legacy can go a long way towards ensuring that the support offered by the Friends of the CSYO can continue, and that our young people will continue to achieve their potential.

Patrons are usually members of the audience who have particularly enjoyed our concerts and wish to encourage the young people concerned. Many are parents of members who are benefiting, or have benefited in the past, both musically and socially from being part of this commited and talented ensemble. We especially welcome as Patrons past members of the orchestra who are interested in maintaining their links and supporting the current orchestra.

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Obviously, the main benefit of being a patron is the knowledge that you are supporting a group of motivated and talented young musicians, many of whom will go on to have a career in the music business. Over the 25 years that the orchestra has been in existence, it has produced many memorable performances, which have given great pleasure to its audiences, and enriched the cultural life of Sheffield. In addition, you will receive a letter from the Patronage Secretary three times a year, with all the latest news about the orchestra, and advance notice of their upcoming concerts.
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If you feel you would like to support the orchestra in this way, please complete the Gift Aid Declaration and Banker's Order form If you post the completed form to me, I will forward it to your Bank Manager, While keeping a copy for our records.

If you have any queries, please telephone me on 01484 606114
Edward Woodhead
Patronage Secretary CSYO
The Cottage
Park Head
Birds Edge

Patron List PDF Print E-mail

The Friends of the City of Sheffield Youth Orchestra gratefully acknowledge generous
support from the following in the form of patronage and donations:

Lesley  Bilby
Dr and Mrs C Blank
Mr I. Brownhill
Mr and Mrs Bugg
Mr William  Carlile
Eric Clarke
Frances Clement
Dr Thomas Davis
Peter Day
Mr David Dunn
Mrs G. Farnsworth
Sarah Fielding
Mr N. Fitzmaurice
Maureen Gannon
J Ginsborg and G Nicholson
Mr and Mrs H Gleave
Daniel Grace
Ms Veronica  Hardstaff
Mr & Mrs E.  Harris
Dr R.  Hilliam
Mr & Mrs B.W. Hollocks
Dr Peter. and Mrs S Hughes
Dr  M.E.  Jepson
Clifford Job
Dr  A. Kennedy
Bruce Leabeater
Mr and Mrs  G.M. Lewis
Mr and Mrs D Longson
Ms Fiona  MacDonald
Dr J  Mailer
Mrs B. Mangles
Mr & Mrs H. McCullough
Mr Robin Moffatt
Ian and Cathy Czauderna - Naylor
Helen Naylor
Dr Dilys  Noble
Dr J. Czauderna
Phillipa O'Malley
Dr R. Panniker
Dr Jennifer Pascoe
Emily Pieters
Mrs  M. Robinson
Judith Robinson
Dr G. Russel
Mr L. Ryan
Dr & Mrs R.J. Saunders
Anna Saunders
Jonny Sells
Prof J M Shapland
Mr Ken Smith
Dr & Mrs P. Spencer
Mrs  M.  Thornhill
Mr &Mrs G.C. Twine
Mrs Webb
Mr Daniel Wedgwood
Mr R Wessely
Ruth Woodhead
Mr & Mrs D.J. Woodhouse
Mrs M. Wragg
Katherine Wren
Edward and Viv Woodhead
Susan and Andrew Ash
Dr and Mrs J Headridge


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