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Meet the Members: Anna on Cello....

What instrument(s) do you play? I play the cello and sing in cathedral choir

Who is your favourite composer? Mendelssohn is my favourite composer.

Do you have a hobby that is not music related? Why do you enjoy it? I love cycling and currently on a cycle challenge to ride 600 miles for the homeless project at the cathedral where I am a chorister. I also love cooking, reading, walking, and singing. I find cycling a challenge and makes me feel fit and healthy. With my singing I get a real feeling of spirituality when in the cathedral and also the choir is a wonderful social friendship group.

Why do you like being in CSYO? I enjoy being in the CSYO as I find the standard of music challenging and enjoyable. It’s a great community and I have made good friends there.

What other music groups do you take part in? I play in the Sheffield Youth Orchestra, sing in the cathedral choir and play in a variety of ensembles at my school such as an Octet group. I am also part of a group called the junior extreme cellos run by Jeremy Dawson, a cellist who is part of the adult group of extreme cellos. This group has raised a lot for charity and last summer me and 3 other junior cellists did a walk up Man Tor and all over that area of Derbyshire. We raised £1000 for a charity called ‘Music For All’ which exists to help young people who want to learn an instrument and can’t get access. This year we did a virtual recording of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ with each of us recording somewhere outside to try and be extreme in these extreme times!

Which piece is at the top of your wishlist to play with CSYO and why? would love to play Romeo and Juliet by Tchaikovsky.

What are your plans/hopes/dreams for the future? I really hope to gain my music diploma and then after A levels, which one is Psychology, I hope to study philosophy and ethics at university.

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