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Crowdfunding campaign video

Although the pandemic has put paid to many of the orchestra's 40th Anniversary fundraising plans, it is more important than ever that we look for ways of raising funds to invest in the future of the orchestra, making it possible for players from all financial backgrounds to take part by keeping costs to parents as low as possible and providing financial support where it is most needed. 


So we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign in the next few weeks and this is where you come in. As orchestra members past and present you are the best advocates for CSYO and the opportunities and experiences it provides. We will be putting together a short promotional video to head up the campaign and we want you to be the voice of the orchestra. Here's what we'd like you to do:


  1. Video yourself answering the following questions:

    Why is CSYO needed right now? Why do you need CSYO? Why does Sheffield need CSYO?

    Why is CSYO special?

    What is your experience of being in CSYO?

    Why should people donate?

  2. Record yourself playing a short little ditty on your instrument, it can be anything! (this is optional but it would be fantastic to feature lots of you playing). 


Some important technical things to bare in mind:

  • It's very important to video in landscape orientation (eg turn your phone on its side!) as this will look best on the final edit.

  • Keep background noise to a minimum if possible

  • To get you in the right frame of mind why not listen back to your favourite performance before you start videoing.

  • Don't worry about how short or long your answers are, and there are no right or wrong answers. We just want to hear what you have to say at your natural and instinctive best.

  • When answering the question it is helpful to start at the beginning of a sentence and not with the word 'because'! eg, 'CSYO is special because' or 'CSYO is important to me because' etc

  • Upload the video to the following dropbox folder -

  • if possible, upload in mp4 format (there are video converters online and this will save me hours of conversion time)

Please submit your videos by Monday 1st June . I can't promise to feature everyone in this video but I'll do my best!


I think that's everything! I'm really looking forward to seeing your videos.

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