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Spring Course Revision

Our Spring courses are specially designed to allow students taking exams time and space to revise.


For non-exam students we run workshops exploring subjects like Alexander technique, Dalcroze, bringing out drama in music, linking acting techniques to music. This enables exam students to balance their musical and academic studies, and still make time for team building and social activities. And for those not revising, these workshops give students a rounded musical experience and help them to develop new, transferable skills. 

The revision sessions at the Easter course were so useful, I still had plenty of time to learn the music well as well as getting all my work done. No one should worry about their workload at Easter - the staff are so understanding and I had plenty of time to fit everything in, without feeling stressed about the work or the music


16, GCSE student

As an undergraduate reading music at Oxford, the Easter course on CSYO provided the perfect environment to help me prepare for my finals this summer. The periods of revision I did at Pocklington were some of the most productive throughout the entire vacation.

As a small group of students revising we worked in the same spaces and encouraged each other, making it fun and sociable. I found the environment incredibly supportive and all of the staff were encouraging and keen to discuss what I’d been revising, offering a great source of ideas and opportunities for reflection.

This Easter course provided a truly enjoyable experience of both playing music and revising, and I couldn’t think of a better way to have prepared myself for finals.


21, Oxford University Finalist

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If you have any concerns about attending Spring courses due to their proximity to exams, please contact the Director to discuss. 

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