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For the first in our new series of 'meet the members', introducing Victor, violinist in CSYO...

What instrument(s) do you play? I play violin, piano and maybe even viola (don’t tell anyone!)

Who is your favourite composer?

My favourite composer changes frequently depending on what I have played/ heard recently. At the moment I am mostly listening to Tchaikovsky and Brahms.

Do you have a hobby that is not music related? Why do you enjoy it?

I play tennis and run quite a bit. I enjoy both the sports aspect, and the competition aspect of both of these. Although, I have done less and less of these as I get older, I wish to continue competing in them for as long as possible.

Why do you like being in CSYO?

CSYO has provided me with a huge amount in my life. Firstly, to further my musical ability and knowledge, expanding my repertoire and providing opportunities to play repertoire that is rarely played in youth orchestras. But also a large amount of the education side is to help us explore how to enjoy music, and why we are playing it. I have been on almost 20 CSYO courses and in all of them the staff have helped me understand why I play music and have helped me enjoy playing and listening more and more. It has also just been an extremely enjoyable experience. I have made friends who will remain my friends for all of my life, and have had so much fun during all the social activities whilst in Sheffield or away in other countries.

What other music groups do you take part in? I have attended the Sheffield music academy, a music school which meets on Saturdays all day for instrumental lessons, small chamber groups, musicianship, aural and composition lessons as well as a chamber orchestra. I also participate in the Sheffield music hubs senior orchestra and some school ensembles.

What is your favourite memory of being in CSYO so far? The whole Italy 2018 tour was quite surreal, both the performances and the amount of fun we had outside of playing, spending time in Italy and San Marino.

What's was your favourite performance with CSYO?

I’m going to have to put two in here, the Mahler’s 6th symphony performance in the Sheldonian Theatre Oxford, and the concert we did in Ravenna Italy of Tchaikovsky’s 6th symphony (potentially my favourite symphony) and Sibelius violin concerto with Martin.

Which piece is at the top of your wishlist to play with CSYO and why?

Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony

What are your plans/hopes/dreams for the future?

I hope to go on to study Maths at university whilst participating in as much music as possible around me wherever I end up, and then see where that takes me!

CSYO is now accepting applications for 2020-2021. Just go to the website for more information

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