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Copy of The City of Sheffield Youth Orchestra is therefore taking part in The Big Give Chr

Big Give Practice-a-thon

Tuesday 28th November - Tuesday 5th December

Welcome to the CSYO Big Give Christmas Challenge Practice-a-thon! Perhaps you are a regular practiser, or perhaps your instrument is a little dusty and needs some love and attention, and you just need a bit of motivation to get going/keep going? This might just be the perfect opportunity to do just that whilst making a difference. Can you pledge to practice 7 days in a row, or set a target for a number of hours you can practise in one week? Can you help us reach 100 hours of practice across the week? Join us for our week-long practice-a-thon as part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge to raise £5000 for the CSYO Bursary Fund from Tuesday 28th November to Tuesday 5th December. Explore the links below to find out more and to register to take part!


Things to do now.....

You can take part without registering but those who do register will receive a CSYO case sticker and pencil, and the chance to win a CSYO t-shirt. It will also allow us to keep in touch with you during the week of the challenge and say thank you at the end!

Sign up for practice slots to get reminders to practice, and so we can see who is taking part and when. We will also give you access to take part in the livestream (parental consent required for those under 18). Can we reach 100 hours of practice in a week?!

Use this form to keep track of your sponsors. You can either print it off or copy it to share as an online form with your friends and family. Sponsors can either give a flat donation or sponsorship per minute. Don't forget to share the donation link!

During the campaign week...

This link takes you to our campaign page on the Big Give website where you can make your donations online. Thanks to our pledgers and champion funder The Reed Foundation, every donation will be doubled! Donations must be made by 12:00pm (midday) on Tuesday 5th December!

Practice time logged here will get added to our 100 hours target pot which you can see at the next link!

Will we reach 100 hours of practice? Follow our progress here!

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